Music supervision for films

  • Project management.
  • Script breakdown (music spotting) and budgeting.
  • Tailored creative proposal within a specific budget and schedule.
  • Proposal, selection and placement of songs.
  • Negotiation, licensing and clearance of songs.
  • Film Score Composer proposal and fee negotiation.
  • Proposal, selection and direction of teams for the composition, arrangement and production of original songs (composers, arrangers, copyists, producers, performers, recording, mixing and mastering studios).
  • Preparation to sync playback in musical scenes (breakdown of pre-production requirements, production of demos, rehearsal with the actors, supervision on set).
  • Soundtrack production.
  • Development of cue sheet.

Art and live music projects

I am pretty flexible and open to collaborate with different artistic projects and to adjust to their needs. If you need support with curation, production, logistics, team direction, communication, don't hesitate to reach out.