Panelist / contributing author: What drives us? (Canada - Germany, 2015-2016) 

Coordinated by Studio XX and co-founded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung in the frame of the Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network, ‘What drives us?’ is a project that seeks to shed light on festival sustainability issues. Acknowledging that festivals run on different models, it invites grassroots collectives along with more institutionalized organisations to share their approaches towards sustainable cultural work.

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Co-founder / Communication Director: Schiev festival (Belgium, 2014-2015)

Schiev is a Brussels’ based music festival. Whether electronic or acoustic, traditional or futuristic, schiev offers a broad vision of avant-garde pop music. Diversity and discovery are the essence of its artistic programme. Schiev aims for the widest possible audience to have access to Belgian and international projects that are aiming to overcome the boundaries of their genre, or push it to its limits. The festival presents what gives its name its meaning, the most ‘schiev’ artists out there: those who seek, innovate and freely experiment with textures, influences, rhythms and composition.

Literary adaptor / performers coordinator: As if it were the last time (Mexico - UK, 2015)

'As if it were the last time' is a subtlemob by the British arts collective CIRCUMSTANCE. It is about celebrating the present, about home, belonging and loss. A snapshot of the world around you, a chance to savour the moment, and make new connections with the people and the place surrounding you. This is no requiem, this a celebratory slow dance, a chance to be present in the world, and to see it with fresh eyes.

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Co-artistic director / producer: Lavallé @ VK (Belgium, 2015)

LaVallée is a co-working space and creative hub supported by It is a space that brings together over ninety artists from diverse disciplines in order to unite the artistic community of Brussels whilst promoting creativity and collaborative working. LaVallée @ VK was an event created in partnership with VK, a well established venue focused on cutting-edge and emerging music. The event hosted artists from LaVallée as well as guests artists such as Squeaky Lobster (Vlek Records), Valid Lover and Reservoir Dub. 

Producer: Launch event Reaching the eschaton (Belgium, 2015)

Audiovisual installation of the label Antivj by artists Yannick Jacquet (Antivj) and Cedric Stevens (Acid Kirk). In charge of production of the launch event at LaVallée.

Venue manager - ICAS Festival (Germany, 2015)

A hotspot for advanced music and related arts as the ICAS, International Cities of Advanced Sound Network, reunited over 20 music and media art festivals into a Festival of Festivals. The festival adopted the theme of 'tools for an unknown future' in an attempt to examine how to cope with increasing uncertainty using the tools that have been developed so far. 


Coordination of sound and music production: La patria en construcción (Mexico, 2010)

Located in Mexico City's National Palace, 'La patria en construcción' was a 360º audiovisual installation developed as part of the celebration of the 'Year of the Nation', since that year the country celebrated both the bicentenary of its independence and the centenary of its revolution. The piece aimed to create awareness on how all citizens take part in the construction of their homeland. The soundscape was developed by Héctor Ruiz, Carlos Vértiz, Diego Benlliure and Uriel Ezquenazi. 

Producer: Espace for experiments in sound (EES)  – University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC) (Mexico, 2009)

Assisted Héctor Ruiz, designer of the Space for Experiments in Sound (EES), in the production and development of the project. The space, created as a tool for artists to experiment with sound spatiality, allows three-dimensional or surround sound experiences to be recreated.


Coordination of sound and music production:  Expo Zaragoza 2008 - Mexican Pavilion (Mexico-Spain, 2008)

Designed by the architect Tatiana Bilbao, the Mexican Pavilion was based on the idea ‘We are water’.  It included four levels of immersive audiovisual experiences with soundscapes designed by Héctor Ruiz, Carlos Vértiz, Diego Benlliure and Uriel Ezquenazi.